50 Oklahoma Lakes For Catchin' Crappie

50 Oklahoma Lakes For Catchin' Crappie

list of popular lakes in Oklahoma that are known for their crappie fishing:

  1. Lake Eufaula
  2. Lake Texoma
  3. Lake Murray
  4. Lake Konawa
  5. Lake Thunderbird
  6. Lake Tenkiller
  7. Grand Lake o' the Cherokees
  8. Lake Keystone
  9. Lake Oologah
  10. Lake Skiatook
  11. Lake Wister
  12. Fort Gibson Lake
  13. Kaw Lake
  14. Keystone Lake
  15. Canton Lake
  16. Sooner Lake
  17. Arcadia Lake
  18. Lake Hudson
  19. McGee Creek Lake
  20. Lake Atoka
  21. Lake Hefner
  22. Lake Overholser
  23. Lake Carl Blackwell
  24. Lake Chandler
  25. Lake Altus-Lugert
  26. Lake Lawtonka
  27. Lake Ellsworth
  28. Sardis Lake
  29. Pine Creek Lake
  30. Lake Thunderbird State Park
  31. Foss Lake
  32. Lake McMurtry
  33. Lake Texoma State Park
  34. Lake Murray State Park
  35. Lake Waurika
  36. Lake Texoma Wildlife Management Area
  37. Lake Thunderbird Wildlife Management Area
  38. McGee Creek Wildlife Management Area
  39. Canadian River Wildlife Management Area
  40. Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area
  41. Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area
  42. Lower Mountain Fork River
  43. Glover River
  44. Illinois River
  45. Little River
  46. Red River
  47. North Canadian River
  48. South Canadian River
  49. Arkansas River
  50. Verdigris River

Please note that this list is not comprehensive, and there may be other lakes in Oklahoma that offer excellent crappie fishing opportunities. Additionally, fishing regulations and licensing requirements may vary depending on the specific lake or fishing area, so be sure to check local regulations before heading out on your fishing trip.

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